The following is a list of Architects and Designers we have worked with in the recent past.

Cedric Barringer-Architect
Cedric Barringer        (415)971-7871
Bauer Interior Design
Lou Ann Bauer             (415)621-7262
Carroll Design
Norry Carroll                (415)507-0102
Nilus Designs
Nilus Dematran           (415)420-4921
Garavaglia Architecture
Mike Garavaglia           (415)391-9633
Ian Giddeon-Architect
Ian Gideon                      (415)279-4644
Hopkins Studio Architects
John Hopkins                 (510)486-1471
GHA Architects
Geoff Holton                  (510)663-9797
Klopf Architecture
John Klopf                        (415)283-5203
Elipses Architecture
Greg Klosowski             (510)798-5887
Andrew Mann Architecture
Andrew Mann                (415)863-4134
Linden Murphy Designs
Linden Murphy              (415)519-2573
Guy Stiles-Architect
Guy Stiles                          (415)485-1549
Zack/DeVito Architecture
Jim Zack                             (415)495-7889